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What's New?

December 20, 2011

Introducing our new developmental program OD Statistics, Measures and Methods for OD Practitioners. Interactive instruction provided at the low cost of $199 per participant for asynchoronous instruction, $399 for synchronous!

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November 19, 2011

Thank you for joining us at the Organizational Change Alliance Meeting for Jeff's presentation entitled " A New Path to Systems Understanding."

Participants may download information and handouts by going to :

Who We Are
Performance Innovations, Inc. is a dedicated team of OD professionals who provide you with an opportunity to enhance performance at the organizational, functional, team and/or individual level. We do this by helping you enhance your skills in the fields of organizational and human behavior in any of three ways:
  • Conferencing - as a member of an OD Committee
  • Individual Development - through individual coaching for effectiveness
  • Providing tools & intervention strategies - through our innovative Practitioner Library™
We provide these developmental opportunities as we realize the enormous importance of experience in this field. While many of our members hold advanced degrees including Organization Development, when it comes to translating this knowledge to practice many find themselves in a quandary. Other times, one may feel confident in developing a change intervention at a given level, organizational as an example, but have difficulty translating how to go about addressing this change at the functional, team and/or individual level. Among the things we provide to help address these critical gaps includes:
  • Helping decide what process to use in assessing need and developing a course of action.
  • Understanding the business reason for this change and being able to provide bottom line impacts in what that change will mean.
  • Developing a process to follow and selecting the appropriate tools to enable the process to occur.
  • Understanding how to implement change and at the same time, keep customers coming back, keeping employees engaged and ensuring stakeholders are happy.
We address these gaps in three ways:
  1. Conferencing provides the ability for you to learn in a community of professionals with similar backgrounds and experiences. These sessions are facilitated by one of our professionals. This allows you to share your experiences with others along with gaining their own rich experience in an open, confidential dialogue in which a plethora of options in approaching issues and problems are discussed.
  2. Individual Coaching for Effectiveness affords you a one on one presence with a professional in a more formal, individual approach.
  3. The Practical Library™ offers you the chance to explore and download a wealth of intervention strategies, tools and research materials along with links to other websites to help you gain a broad understanding of how to approach OD in a practical way. In essence, we have spent much time slogging through arcane research so you won’t have to!
To learn more about any of these topics, please choose from the links above. Feel free to contact us for more information using the links below.

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