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What's New?

December 20, 2011

Introducing our new developmental program OD Statistics, Measures and Methods for OD Practitioners. Interactive instruction provided at the low cost of $199 per participant for asynchoronous instruction, $399 for synchronous!

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November 19, 2011

Thank you for joining us at the Organizational Change Alliance Meeting for Jeff's presentation entitled " A New Path to Systems Understanding."

Participants may download information and handouts by going to :

Individual Coaching for Effectiveness
It is only when you undertake to use what you have learned that you discover whether you can transform knowledge into performance. As such, we offer a variety of coaching programs, resources and assessments to afford the business executive with the guidance they need to grow and develop in their managerial skills. These programs can be offered in conjunction with group coaching to foster enhanced interpersonal skills for selected individuals or the team as a whole.

Some of the major objectives of our coaching process include:
  • The recognition of and heading-off of blind spots that can lead to executive derailment.
  • Development of personality based coaching interventions to impact specific job-related behaviors.
  • Development of individual plans to address specific skill development needs.
  • In-depth assessment of leadership style through assessments such as the 16PF, FIRO-B and other appropriate personality based inventories to ensure understanding of how the individual interacts with others.
  • Understanding the role one has in impacting organizational effectiveness and learning how they specifically can add more value to ‘the bottom line.’
  • Organizational coaching to hone the executive’s skills in meeting the demands of developing and implementing organizational strategy.
All of these programs are practical in their focus. Our coaches all have senior level executive experience in addition to holding two or more advanced degrees. In addition, all of our coaching programs include the use of our Practical Library™ which contains thousands of tools, intervention strategies, self-development exercises and resource guides to afford the executive with state of the art materials in advancing their knowledge in over 80 topical areas of organizational and human behavior.

Coaching is conducted face to face, by telephone, via the World-wide web both synchronously and asynchronously and through teleconferencing. The availability of these options ensures participation even when extensive travel and scheduling commitments might dictate otherwise.

If you are interested in becoming a coaching client, please email us and Performance Innovations will contact you immediately to conduct an interview with you to determine your exact coaching needs.
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