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What's New?

December 20, 2011

Introducing our new developmental program OD Statistics, Measures and Methods for OD Practitioners. Interactive instruction provided at the low cost of $199 per participant for asynchoronous instruction, $399 for synchronous!

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November 19, 2011

Thank you for joining us at the Organizational Change Alliance Meeting for Jeff's presentation entitled " A New Path to Systems Understanding."

Participants may download information and handouts by going to :

OD: Member Privileges
As a member of an OD committee, you can expect the following:
  1. An OD Committee meeting typically once every two months for 4 hours online. A typical session consists of:
    • A one hour presentation of a topic of interest the committee members have previously selected. Presentations may include videos, slides and Power Point presentations, or tools to enable members to develop/execute the concept(s) being presented.
    • An ongoing session (usually 1-2 hours) in which members discuss ongoing issues or projects in which the team has been invited to provide input.
    • A question and answer session in which committee members discuss relevant topics and issues of concern to them.
    • Depending upon the agenda, a final hour is often comprised of a guest speaker, dialogue among the members of a specific issue that may be of pressing concern to one of the members, personal issues (such as having difficulty assimilating in the organization) , business issue discussions, etc.
    This represents a typical session in general. The members of the committee set the actual agenda in concert with their committee facilitator during their one on one sessions and/or utilizing threaded discussions.

  2. Each member has an individual session for 2 hours with the facilitator between meetings. These meetings can be for a full two hour time frame or in 2 one hour sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to afford the member:
    • Individual coaching and consulting time.
    • Planning for the next committee meeting.
    • Assistance in the development of skill sets.
    • Assessment and tracking of personal change.

  3. Members receive unlimited access to our Practitioner Library.

  4. Minutes of all meetings and copies of all meeting materials.
For more information on membership and rates, go on to the next page.
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